Cover Collection

Cover Collection

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Kalil's Coven 1 ERIK's Un Amor 
by Cree Storm


Erik has known that Billy was his un amor since the day the man walked in for the editing job, four months ago.  It has not been easy watching Billy walk in and out of the office and act as if the man was not destined to change Erik's life, but how do you tell a man, that is human, you are an enforcer for your vampire coven and he is your mate? Well, some things just can't be put off for long, especially when Erik discovers his mate had been placed in grave danger.
Billy loved his job, as an editor, for Romancing the Readers Publishers, until he made what he thought was the biggest discovery in his career. Telling his boss, their company's  most prize author, Dimitri, is a plagiarist was difficult, but not nearly as difficult as finding out that things really do go bump in the night and the plagiarist author was an evil vampire bent on destroying him .

Will Erik ever get to claim his un amor as his own, or will Billy run when he finds out that they are destined mates and Erik has  every intention of sinking his fangs into him before Dimitri can?

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