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Saturday, June 27, 2015

It's live. Immortal: The Chosen by Terra James
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Immortal: The Chosen
Seventeen year old Emmaline Watson's life is about to change forever. Her family has generations of secrets that are about to change everything she thought she knew existed. What will happen when she finds out that she is one of the most powerful parts of the supernatural race, and it's her responsibility to save them all? Can she become what they need her to be? Will the supernatural world cease to exist, or will she be able to save it in time?
Seventeen year old Dravon Riley has his own secrets that are entwined with her generations of secrets.He seems to be just a normal boy, but his true self is hidden. What will happen when he finds out that he is a piece of the puzzle connected to saving the supernatural race? Will he accept his destiny? Will he fight fate?
Jasper's secrets threaten to destroy him every day. He becomes their enemy, when he does the unthinkable. His pain fuels his rage against their race, and he will stop at nothing to destroy them. He doesn't want to hurt anyone, but he'll do whatever he can to be free of the grief that is plaguing him. Will he succeed in destroying them all?

Immortal: The Chosen
We lower them into the ground to accompany the rest of our dead Coven members. Ella wanted us to have our own place to worship, and to bury our dead. She wanted us to feel as if they were never far from us.
"My granddaughter and your Chosen has been taken. We can only allow ourselves a little time to grieve just now, but we will grieve for our friends properly. I need your help now.  Can we pull together as Coven, as friends, and as people with a common enemy?" I ask, and I know I am asking a lot of my coven right now. The truth is I need their help, support, and the closeness only my coven can provide.
"We will stand with you, fight with you, conquer with you, and if it is destined to be we will fall with you." I hear them all say. I am overcome with tears once more at the dedication and friendship I have within my coven.
"Jordan did you prepare the potion?" I ask.
"Yes, as soon as I got your text. I prepared two bottles just in case we needed more."
I am alerted by a chirp letting me know I have a text, but before I look at my text I recognize Aaryanna walking towards us. How does she know about this place? We will ask questions later. I am just elated to see her.
"I hear that we need to save our girl, and that a witch needs her ass kicked." she says with a slight smirk. She is deadly serious about helping us, but I think that she just wants to lighten the mood. We are all so melancholy, and we are grieving.
"Yea, an ass kicked and a throat punch." I say somewhat enjoying this light banter.
"Then let's go kick ass, take names, give out some throat punches, and get our girls back." she says and I can see slight smiles on my Coven's faces even in this time of loss.

Immortal: The Chosen
By Terra James
Where am I? I think as I awake to pure darkness that surrounds me. I hear a faint muffled sob in the near distance. I still and listen carefully. I can smell cherry blossom perfume, and recognition dawns on me. I have discovered why she has missed the initiation ceremony. My thoughts drift to Dravon's icy blue eyes and an immediate shiver travels down my spine. I can still feel his hands caressing my shoulder, his lips devouring mine, and his complete unconditional loving stare as we repeated the soul mate vows.
Where am I? I start to panic as I focus back to reality, snapping out of the memory. I need to focus. Dear God, What is wrong with me? I have been kidnapped, and deposited in total darkness, and I am thinking about Dravon. Focus Em, Good grief what is wrong with you?
"Sadie?" I speak as quietly as I can muster with panic gripping my insides, while grasping for some semblance of hope that it really is her that I smell. "Yes." I hear her whisper. An overwhelming happiness pushes the panic away for the moment. I have found her, but where are we? "Sadie, where are we?" I ask. "I have no idea where we are or how long I have been here." she whispers and I can hear the tears and panic in her voice. "They wanted you Em, and they got you. I couldn't stop it, and I am so sorry Em." she apologizes profusely. "Sadie, this isn't your fault. Do you hear me? Now stop that shit right now, and let's figure out how to get the hell out of here!" I exclaim.
"You're not going anywhere!" I hear a snide voice. Panic seizes me as soon as I hear it. That is the same voice that I heard as I passed out at the ceremony. What am I going to do? Suddenly I instinctively reach out telepathically.
Dravon, Please hear me! Sadie and I are in a makeshift cell somewhere.
A sudden blow to the back of the head leaves me unconscious again, before I can get a response from Dravon.
Emaline, Where are you? I wait to hear her voice, but fear and icy terror grip my insides when I don't get a response. I don't even feel her presence in my mind, and that must mean she is unconscious. Have they hurt her? Who are they? Oh God, What am I going to do? It is almost time for me to feed, and she is my life force, and without her I will surely die. Who will find her and Sadie then? I hear a quiet footstep behind me, and I look up to find James staring at me intently. "I feel her anguish, fear, terror, panic, and pain; but I can't seem to get a location on her. What has happened? Dravon is Sadie with her? Are they hurt?" James asks.

It's live 
Speaking Emotions
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A short story based on a young girl's struggle with life. She's unable to communicate. Her mother discovers a way to allow her to express herself differently. She has a suppressed secret that's affecting her life.
Will she eventually be able to communicate or will this secret continue to destroy her?
Speaking Emotions
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