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Cover Collection

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Kimiko Alexander
Guardians: Awakened


Kimiko Alexandre isn't Japanese. You can tell that by looking at her but she loves the Japanese culture. She's an import from Kansas and currently lives in New Jersey. (Please no jokes - about either state. She doesn't have a dog named Toto, nor does she have a Jersey accent.)
She started out early in her "career" as one of the first webcam girls (no there were no sex involved). She loved being a "life cam" girl and chatting with the people who came to her chat room to talk to her.
​She has plenty more plans for more in her book series and even has ideas for another series stored in the back of her head. She loves mail, so never be afraid to message or mail her. She'll get back to you as soon as she can. After all, without readers she'd just be shouting into the dark.
Raegan Fischer is eye candy for the rich socialites of the world...she also protects them. When she gets dragged into a murder with "supernatural" like elements, she never believes it's going to not only test faith she doesn't realize she has, but make her enter a world of Angels, spirits and the unknown. Blackmailed into helping, she must find a missing angel and her sister while protecting a gargoyle that holds the soul of mass murder. It's believe or risk costs that are too high to bare.

I turned to Trace, pointing at Ariel. “She has wings.” I probably sounded as dumbfounded as I felt. 

He looked sheepish. “I tried to tell you.”

“Okay,” I said defensively, “so if she is an angel, how could she have been in my room as a statue? She’s standing right there.” I glanced at her again. It didn’t matter that the argument I was making was as stupid as the question. Ariel wasn’t put off by my outburst.
“I tried to tell you.” Trace said it more slowly this time as if he were speaking to a child. 

“Miss Fischer, I need you to get over this. We have important problems, and I need your help. It was discovered just this morning that we have an angel missing. And if I’m right, the scrolls Gary is deciphering could hold the key to letting souls out of their holding cells. That can’t be allowed to happen,” Ackerman said. 
That diverted my attention from Ariel. “How can an angel go missing? If I were to believe they exist, and I believed they walked among us, which I’m not saying I believe, because makeup is a wonderful thing,” I said looking at Ariel pointedly. “How can one just misplace an angel?” 
“That’s a question I wish I could answer, and one I’d like for you to help us figure out.”

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