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Cover Collection

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Dave Moon
Scales of Justice


David "Dave" Moon is originally from Florida, but at the tender age of 8 his parents moved to Alabama. Dave didn't really care for the move so when he turned 18 he joined the military. He travelled the world and collected four degrees in the service, his highest being a Master's degree in Information Operations from the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California. After 22 years he retired as an Air Force Major. Back in the civilian world, Dave decided to do something completely different by getting into acting and writing. Since then he's published a few novels and acted in a few short films in addition to doing background acting on eight feature films and a couple of TV shows. He resides in Louisiana with his beautiful wife and kids. He's a bit of a nut in a cracked shell.


A serial killer is stalking people in Shreveport Louisiana.

Detective Turner, the former golden boy on the force, is frustrated he has no leads and looks to make his own.

Judge Joseph Harris is being blackmailed by the killer and is trying to get his life back.

The best hope Shreveport has in the hands of Detective Paul Landry, but he's a drunk that is haunted by the loss of his former lover.

All in all, Shreveport isn't looking good right now.

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